What you can expect

First time at Terrace Row?

If you’re planning to come along to our Sunday morning worship service for the first time, we know it can be intimidating coming into a new group of people in an unfamiliar building. Here’s some info that might help make it a little easier for you.

From September – June, we meet at 11.30 am and for July and August, we meet at 11.00am. The service usually lasts about 1 hour and during the summer there’s tea/coffee afterwards.

We have three doors into the church building and you can enter by any of them. Looking at the front of the church, to your left you will find the door to the halls where the toilets, baby changing rooms and creche are to be found.

The church has a large carpark which is free on Sunday mornings until 1.00pm. From then on, it’s pay and display. There is disabled parking directly around the church building and this is always free.

Please feel free to sit anywhere – we do not have our own seats, even though, as is human nature, we do tend to gravitate to the same place each week!

Just come in what you feel comfortable! You’ll find us in everything from jeans to suits – just what works for individuals and no one will judge! The important thing is that we’re there, worshipping God together as His people.

We love to see children of all ages in our worship services. If you prefer, however, there is a creche for babies and pre-school children in the hall attached to the church building where your children will be looked after by volunteer church members who have been fully AccessNI approved. For children Years 1-4, we also run a kids’ church for the second half of the service, again in one of the rooms attached to the church and again led by volunteers who have been AccessNI approved. Your children will stay with you for the first half of the service and then leave with the other children. If they or you are nervous about going alone, feel free to go out with them, settle them and you can then re-join the service. Alternatively, they can stay with you for the whole service.

Being welcomed:

Although there will always be someone at the door to welcome you and help you find your bearings, if you’d like someone to meet you in the car-park or even a few days before so you know a familiar face, we can arrange that! Just fill in the Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch.

Terrace Row has been so friendly and welcoming to me since I started coming along.  When I got involved in the children’s ministry it meant a lot to me and the more I meet with others to study God’s Word together, the more I know I belong to a family who really cares about me.


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