We are passionate about seeing young people growing in their faith and mentoring is a vital part of our ministry to Years 11+. All of our young people are offered a mentor, a committed Christian who will meet with them monthly to catch up, read the Bible together and pray. Our mentors are AccessNI approved, PCI Child Protection trained and have completed a six-week training programme. We use the brilliant WalkWithMe Mentoring app with its range of 6-session courses to suit different levels of spiritual maturity and we are realistic enough to know that sometimes what’s required is just a listening ear and some encouragement. For now, we meet up on Zoom, but we look forward to meeting in coffee shops in town or McDonald’s again when we can. We’ll be the pair with Bibles open on the table and hot chocolate or coffee close by!

I thoroughly enjoy mentoring one of the young people in our church family. Not only do we have fun getting to know each other better, but together we grow in our relationship with Christ. I also have a child being mentored and it is a privilege to have someone in his life who is willing to invest in him to listen and encourage him in his Christian journey.

– Noeleen


Years 11+

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