Sunday School & Bible Class

This year, we start back on Sunday, 10th September!

Whether or not you’re members of our church family, we would love your children to come along to our Sunday mornings programmes.

Sunday School: Years 1-7

Junior Bible Class: Years 8-10

Senior Bible Class: Years 11-14

Sunday School

We use a mixture of whole group and age appropriate classes through which to teach and explore God’s Word in a fun, engaging way and each week has plenty of opportunities for singing, games, opening the Bible together and chatting about it, and interactive activities. On average, we have 6-8 in each year group and the children have the same teacher each Sunday, allowing relationships to be built and deepened.

Junior and Senior Bible Classes

Each group starts promptly at 10.15 am, meeting in its own room. We operate on a whole group teaching and group discussion format, its focus being simple: to get our young people going deeper into God’s Word. This year, we aim to finish each class with a hot chocolate/coffee stop from 10.55 – 11.10 before heading into church.


We aim to teach our children and young people that prayer is as natural as breathing, so we give them opportunities throughout the year to pray in different ways and in different contexts.


We sponsor two children through fund-raising and our Sunday morning offerings and would encourage each child in Sunday School and Bible Class to bring something, no matter how small, as an offering each week to allow a young girl in Romania and a boy in Haiti to go to school again this year.

Parental consent forms are available for download in the Youth and Children section of our church website: Form Downloads