Presbyterian Women (PW) has been a long established association for women of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Terrace Row Presbyterian Women has been part of the association for over 140 years. On the 27th March 2001 we celebrated 125years of missionary interest. Though the name has changed over time, the purpose of PW has not!

The motto of Presbyterian Women is ‘Living for Jesus’ with the statement ‘Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ’. Our PW provides woman with the opportunity to meet together in the Lord’s name for spiritual growth and fellowship. Also to encourage one another in friendship and support in times of challenge. To support others less fortunate than ourselves in great need through mission at Home and Overseas.

The leader of TRPW, Mrs Lorraine Brown and committee meet to plan a varied programme for the ladies, consisting of speakers on an encouraging theme or mission, artistic speakers e.g. on patchwork, candle making to name but a few!

Occasionally we do enjoy a more relaxed ‘get together’, e.g. Colour me beautiful, a natter over a cup of tea or dinner.