Mentoring Scheme

In October 2015, we started our mentoring programme for young people in Year 11 or above and it has been a real blessing to both the twelve young people and to the mentors involved. We followed the Biblical model, of Paul and Timothy, where church members more mature in their relationship with Christ, with more experience of living out life as a follower of Jesus, met on mostly a monthly basis, usually over a coffee, with their younger Christian brothers and sisters to talk about life in general, life as a Christian and, in some pairs, to study God’s Word and pray together. We also set up mentoring links with four of our university students, using whatever arrangement suited each pair best.

As we begin the second year of the programme, we invite any young person in our church family, Year 11 or above, to join, from September 2016. Contact Marion Hadden, our Family and Youth Co-ordinator on 07835 415962 for further details.

‘We’ve been given a phenomenal opportunity with this programme – to spread God’s Word and to glorify Him – to further develop the spirituality of our young people and of ourselves. It’s humbling to have been trusted with the responsibility and another side is the possibility that someone might see us glorifying God in public and be inspired to be saved, too’. Mark Lynch