Adult Bible Class

Everyone is welcome on a Sunday Morning at 10.30 (Tea/Coffee and chat from 10.10) in the Magill Room (upstairs) for a great opportunity to study and discuss a topic with others in a relaxed and informal manner.

NB. We finish in time for the children coming out of Sunday School so great opportunity for any parents to stay after you leave children off.

We use the bestselling "LifeBuilder" Bible Studies series which contains over 100 titles designed to help groups get to grips with the Bible. Each title contains between 8 and 12 studies along with leader's notes, and very helpful guidance for the study. The group read the Bible passage which is the subject of the study, discussing the questions together, and then collectively forming the answers. For more on the Lifebuilder series click here.

Informal - small group - chat - discuss topic - tea/coffee

What others have said about Adult Bible Class
"it has allowed me to make new friends while going deeper into God's Word at the same time.  The coffee and biscuits are good too!"
"being able to look at scripture, especially familiar passages and seeing if from different views"
"building new friendships" and "I've got to know the people in the class on a deeper level"
"I always learn something, and I enjoy the friendship and fellowship each week"
"I can drop in to the class whenever I am able to, and still get a lot out of it"
"I always learn something new and marvellous from the studies we go through"